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Mar 272016

Losing Weight for Seniors – Doctor’s Orders
By []Valerie Mills

Valerie-Mills_2046When doctors talk to seniors, they repeat several mantras. My least favorite saying is “Well, (this condition) is a result of getting older.” Another saying on my list is “Losing weight definitely will help (this condition).” At least you can do something about losing weight. On the other hand, getting older is something you cannot change!

So what activities can you do that are fun, easy, and help you drop pounds? Your doctor might suggest swimming. That requires a pool, undressing, getting wet, and then drying off and getting dressed. Hours well spent, but not simple.

This Activity Is a No-Brainer

Walking is a terrific way to start increasing your activity. But it’s not fun unless you make it so. Here’s a few suggestions for turning walking into an interesting activity:

Use a pedometer. Counting your steps establishes accountability for actions.

Walk with a partner. Socializing while you walk increases the likelihood you will walk. Also, you don’t want to disappoint your partner by not keeping your date.

If you can afford a fitness watch which has step counting as one of its functions, you can join online groups to compete with other walkers. Another benefit to a fitness watch is heart rate monitoring.

Play a fitness DVD specializing in walking. Use DVDs in cold weather climate or when it’s raining outdoors.
Because walking will help decrease your weight by expending calories, it’s a solid start to your weight maintenance program. As you continue to walk, you will hit the inevitable plateau. This is the time when many seniors quit because progress is stalled.

You can pick up the pace (so to speak) by walking up and down hills, increasing your walk time, or walking faster.

Have You Heard About Qigong?

Or you can add another activity. I began to perform Qigong, the ageless Chinese form of exercise, to boost exercising. Its simple, easy-to-learn movements provide extra health benefits – reducing stress, increasing flexibility, and in some routines, increasing strength.

Qigong incorporates 10 and 20 minute routines that actually can wake up your body in the morning, de-stress during the day, and prepare you for sleep at night. The flowing movements calm your soul.

Given that your diet is healthy, these two activities will certainly support reaching your weight goals. Performing these activities may also improve your numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol) and reduce pain. Then, the next time you have a checkup at the doctors, you can forget about the standard discussion about your weight.

Your Questions Answered
Click []Walking and Qigong to get details about these two activities. Specifically, this link answers questions about resources and provides recommendations.

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