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Apr 282016

(NC) Accepting care can be difficult for everyone – even when it’s needed. And while a younger generation see care and assistance as temporary and non-threatening, seniors that are already experiencing life changes often see care as a long-term crutch with a negative impact on their lifestyle.86470

Many seniors consider themselves part of The Silent Generation—they worked hard, saved money, and prided themselves on enduring tough times. Asking for help may not be a familiar part of their vocabulary, and therefore accepting it is a challenge.

Through the aging process, daily life for seniors and those that support them begins to shift, and it’s important to recognize the signs and ensure that a care plan is in place. One of the best ways to do this is to address the changes and to give everyone an active voice in the conversation.

Being able to inform the decisions and fully understand how care will be implemented empowers seniors, and establishes a positive start to receiving care and support. To position assistance in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming, caregivers should think about the following:

1. Accepting help may be easier for seniors if they can maintain independent while carrying out their daily activities. The HomeSafe with AutoAlert system by Philips Lifeline has an advanced fall-detection, waterproof help button and a connection to the Lifeline 24 hour Response Centre. Technology that’s been designed specifically to support the aging process provides independence for the senior and peace of mind for caregivers.

2. Seniors prioritize their relationships with others, and meaningful engagement with their friends, family or individuals supporting their aging process. If assistance is delivered in a personal and engaging way, it will feel less like care and more like the extension of a positive relationship.

3. It’s important that seniors fully understand the changes that are happening. How something is delivered or complex language can be overwhelming and intimidating, so caregivers need to keep things simple and always give the care-receiver the power to choose.

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