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Jun 022016

(NC) During the busy summer months airports can get crowded and the thought of going through security screening might be stressful. But with a little preparation and these tips from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), you’ll have nothing left to do except sit back, relax and wait for takeoff.87660H

  1. Pack large liquid containers in checked baggage. When packing your carry-on bag, remember that only liquids, gels and aerosols of 100 mL or less in a one-litre clear, resealable plastic bag are accepted. Larger items like shampoo, toothpaste, creams, shaving cream, perfume and suntan lotion over 100 mL must be packed in your checked baggage.

  2. Keep your medication with you. The 100 mL limit on liquids, gels and aerosols in your carry-on doesn’t apply to medication — whether it’s prescribed or over-the-counter. Just be ready to present them separately to the screening officers for inspection.

  3. Arrive early and ask for help, if needed. The more time you have to go through security, the less stress you’ll feel. If you have difficulty lifting or carrying your bags, advise airline staff when you check in. At the checkpoint, look for the family/special needs line if you need more time or assistance to move through security. Have your boarding pass ready to present to the screening officer and place your cell phone and other small electronic equipment, coins, keys and small metal items in your carry-on. Be sure to let screening officers know if you have any medical devices or metal implants.

For more information on how to breeze through security visit or call 1-888-294-2202.

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