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Jul 122016

By []Aswathy Ash

With the kids grown, moved out and settled; this is the time when many couples consider retiring. The word retirement portrays a stress-free life in the minds of many. Unfortunately, there are expenses, responsibilities and of course health bills and taxes to paid at the end of every month. Consider the following factors to determine where you are going to spend the golden period living a quality lifetravel

Differentiating vacation spots from places to retire

Staying in the cute cottage, amidst the woods in the mountain, the wooden house near the waterfall or the villa that faces the beach may seem wonderful for a few days. Do not choose the place solely based on the beauty of the location. You could end up feeling isolated in the same cottage away from human civilizations. It might be difficult to get an emergency medical treatment at your home near the waterfall. You might get bored to death with no other activities and engagements other than watching the sea at the beach-front villa. The duplex flat that you once dreamed of can worsen your arthritis.

Pleasant weather

Good weather is entirely a personal choice and depends on the mindset of an individual. For instance, while cold winter seems a time to spend some cozy time near the fireplace to one individual, it might evoke the coldness of death in others. Another fact to consider is that you might have spent days in your youth skiing over icy mountain ranges or basking in the hot sun. However, health risks increase as one gets older. Choose an area with a mild climate to avoid health issues caused by extreme climates.

The doctor should be a call away

One of the most common mistake one makes while choosing a place to retire is neglecting to ensure they have access to complete, modern medical services. This is a period in life where you are more susceptible to illness. Make sure the area you choose has a full-service hospital or medical facility that can provide treatment for any kind of chronic or acute illness, including chemotherapy or radiation for cancer, cardiac care and rehabilitation, diabetes management, and other types of geriatric services, such as Alzheimer’s expertise.

Know your needs

Remember all your needs have to be taken into consideration before investing in a place. []Choose a retirement community that has several transportation options to keep you mobile and independent in older age. There are individuals who would love to continue working and be engaged professionally. Make sure there are options for professional networking opportunities. If you are relocating to a new place it would a good idea to rent a place for 6 months to check if it suits your lifestyle before buying it. There are individuals who left the city in search of a peaceful rural life and then later regretted about being stuck in a place with fewer amenities. Most importantly do not forget to consider the cost of living and make sure the place is affordable.

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