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Sep 032016

(NC) Once a home is listed it can take days, weeks or even months for it to sell. During that time sellers play an important role by keeping the home ready for viewing by buyers at all times.African American couple with real estate agent outside house

There are several things a home owner can do to assist in the sale of their home, explains Ray Ferris, president of the Ontario Real Estate Association. Use his top tips to make sure your home is ready for viewings with Realtors and potential buyers.

  1. Be flexible. Arguably, a seller’s biggest responsibility is to allow the showing of their home at any reasonable time, and to provide a key for access when they’re not there. says Ferris. Although timing may not always be convenient for a seller, they need to be prepared to make the occasional concession to a buyer’s schedule.

  2. Try to be away from the house when it’s shown. Before you leave the house each day, be sure it’s clean and tidy, beds are made and dishes are done and put away. Put pets in a place where they won’t disturb your visitors.

3. Remain accessible so your Realtor can reach you easily. Be mindful that buyers may have different schedules than you. By ensuring you’re easily reachable to your Realtor, they can quickly answer any questions potential buyers may have and notify you of any offers.

  1. Keep your Realtor apprised of any changes relating to your home or its sale. Occasionally someone driving by a “for sale” sign may knock on the owner’s door to request a quick look. “Despite the temptation, do not let them into your home,” warns Ferris. “Thank them for their interest, ask for their name and telephone number and explain that you’ll pass this information along to your Realtor. Remember that you’ve hired your Realtor to pre-screen all prospects before they see your home. This is important for a number of reasons, not least of which is your personal security.”

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