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Apr 192016

By []John Snowden

Prevention is Always Better13007193_793293790775781_3145947177590843730_n

It is better to be safe than sorry. Although learning self-defense is not a bad thing, but first and foremost, all prevention measures should be put into place, so the seniors don’t have to use any extreme measures.

When the seniors are out grocery shopping alone, then they should always utilize a trolley. Keep your arms free. Even if you are staying at a hotel or coming back home, it is better to make 2 extra trips instead of making a single one loaded with bags and unable to defend yourself.

Avoid parking lots, which are a prime location for attackers to mug someone. Try to find a parking spot in bright street light.

Seniors need to be alert and aware of their surroundings.

Seniors should be encouraged to walk confidently with their heads held high. This posture warns off the attacker.

Make sure, your elderly loved one is in a habit of carrying a police whistle and a mini flashlight which can be arranged with your keys. In case of an attack, a whistle can be use to alert people around them and at night and in darker areas, flashlight can prove to be a lifesaver.

It is advisable for seniors to take limited cash and not carry anything. Only carry essential items.

It may seem feasible, but NEVER let your loved one wear a strap around the neck. It can prove Do not slip a purse strap around your neck. It can prove to be dangerous as the attacker may attack the victim with it.

Limit night-time trips to the ATM machines and other places as these are the most open targets for a theft.

Just like you advise your children, remind older adults that they should never open their doors without confirming who is on the other side. Never open your house or apartment door to a stranger.
Learn the Deception Techniques

Travel wallets are ideal for seniors as they can be worn inside and fool the snatchers into believing that you don’t have one. This would keep them away from the seniors as they don’t hold any attraction for them.

Elderly men can carry their essential in one wallet and keep it inside their clothes and carry and extra, empty wallet. In this way, even if it gets snatched important documents and money is saved.

NEVER allow seniors to carry house and car keys in their hands. So in case of an unfortunate event, at least, they would have their car and house keys.

Train your loved one to avoid the hit if someone gets violent with them. Teach them to keep moving constantly avoiding the blows. As soon as they get the chance and they are standing, then they should make a move and start running away from the goon towards a well-lit area with lots of people around.

One very important point that every senior should know is that if they are grabbed from behind, they shouldn’t resist. Instead, they should tilt against the assailant and then hit them as hard as they can by throwing their head back. It will make the attacker lose his balance and his grip would also loosen up. That’s when your loved one should make a run.

It is not very difficult for seniors to protect themselves. They can also take self-defense classes to learn how to defend themselves. However, things like taster guns, pocket knives, pepper spray, umbrellas, canes, sticks or even pens to harm their attacker.

Moreover, if your senior loved one is fit and healthy then senior would have a better chance to defend themselves. It is important for the elderly to include some exercises in their daily routine. Trained caregivers from Homecare Assistance, who are there to provide part-time care to the seniors can assist them in following a fitness regime and prepare healthy meals so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle.

At []Home Care Assistance of Chandler, we help by providing trained caregivers who truly care about the uniqueness of your family’s needs and we provide in home care also for your senior loved ones.

Article Source: [] Precious Tips To Help Seniors Get Better At Self-Defense

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